About Our Boise Child Care and Learning Center

Our Values and Faith

Boise Daycare and Learning Center offers quality Boise child care and developmentally appropriate education for children and families in the community. Through our programs, we offer the finest in early childhood education, while creating an environment where Christian values are demonstrated.

Young children are concrete learners and learn primarily through their experiences. Boise Daycare and Learning Center recognizes the importance of adults as models of acceptable behavior for children. Adults reflect faith in God through the ways they relate to each child and through the words used. Children who see caregivers exhibit such attitudes as thankfulness, sharing, patience, forgiveness, joy, fairness and obedience in their caregivers tend to pattern their own ways of acting and reacting as they live each day.

Youth Education and Your Child

Caregiving is the core of our curriculum. We believe in an invisible curriculum based off meeting the needs of each child, recognizing actions such as love, kindness, honesty, accountability and respect. We believe in caring as you educate and educating as you care. We understand children thrive in “real life” situations. As such, our center spends time integrating the age groups, thus allowing the children to learn from each other and experience knowledge from their peers. Boise Daycare and Learning Center specializes in creating many opportunities to include our community in the education of our children, including special guests and field trips.

Boise Daycare and Learning Center’s Philosophy

The primary value at Boise Daycare and Learning Center is that God values every person. Through all programs we seek to provide an environment where all children have opportunities to develop a sense of self-worth and their own unique gifts. Our staff takes time to build a connection with each individual child, then uses that bond to help lead them in their everyday experiences. We allow children to explore and develop through real life involvement as part of our family.