Boise's Best Child Care Center


Boise Daycare and Learning Center offers the highest quality care, specializing in reliable full-time and part-time care programs for infants and children, 6 weeks old through Kindergarten, as well as daily drop-in care, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten programs. Our goal as a facility is to offer developmentally appropriate activities and experiences to enhance growth in the areas of cognitive, sensorimotor, social/emotional, and physical development.

Our programs are tailored to each age group, focusing on education and fun. From craft projects to physical movement to group activities, our facility encourages and excels in providing opportunities for children, families, and staff to grow together through a child’s early learning experience. Each age group’s program focuses on the milestones each child will reach while in that classroom and strives to help each child reach more and more as they grow.

Our staff are highly trained and full of experience. They strive to provide a curriculum based on meeting the needs of each individual child. Our teachers and staff work hard to provide developmentally appropriate programs, keeping in mind each child’s differing needs, interests, and abilities. We recognize that each child will learn differently through touching, manipulating, and experimenting with things and interacting with peers and adults. We encourage our teachers to work with each child on making and achieving their goals in and out of the classroom, ranging from walking to learning their ABC’s to learning to read. Our center also values the practice and teaching of healthy habits. Since we provide each child with breakfast, lunch, and two snacks, we work hard to keep our menu nutritious and delicious. Each meal is made daily from fresh ingredients in our facility’s kitchen. We also focus on healthy hygiene habits, especially when it comes to handwashing.

In order to provide the highest quality of care for our children and families, our staff works hard to continue their education in the Early Childhood Field through trainings and different courses, as well as learning from each other and their experiences. We take pride in knowing our staff is highly trained and up to date on all of the required IdahoStars training, as well as our own in-house training. Each staff member has passed an Idaho State Background Check, is CPR and First Aid certified, and licensed through Boise City.

They practice and model our daily core values of love, kindness, and respect. If you are interested in enrolling your child at our exceptional facility, please contact us via phone, email, or contact form (applications are currently not accepted online).


Learning Center Address: 1410 N. Etheridge Lane Boise

Learning Center Facility Phone: (208) 321-2094

Learning Center Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 6:30a-5:30p